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Jodi Carlton

Life/Performance Coach | Licensed Counselor

Hi, I'm Jodi and I'm here to help you.


I'm the Yoda to your Skywalker.

The Gandalf to your Frodo Baggins.

The Dumbledore to your Harry Potter.

Don’t struggle to deal with challenges alone, or on your own.
You’re already racing the clock every day.
For almost 20 years, I’ve guided individuals through just about every kind of battle and heartache to achieve happiness, security, and deep connections with family and friends.


Is Jodi’s Coaching Program
a fit for you?

Typical applicants hire Jodi with the following types of goals:

• FREEDOM from chronic overwhelm due to long hours building and managing a business or career;

• High quality, restful, SLEEP, and improved overall health and wellbeing;

• POWER to shut down the constant stream of business thoughts/ideas, and to ENJOY personal time with family and spouse.
BALANCE of attention given to a driven work ethic and personal/family needs (many clients became successful while single, but now have a spouse and family)
• FREEDOM from fear of failure;

• CONFIDENCE in an ability to provide an ongoing high quality lifestyle

Jodi Carlton

You must be COMMITTED TO strategic collaboration, and hungry to take action.
You must have a strong ethos, and high reliability - accountability to Jodi and your coaching program.
You must be solution-oriented with a drive to move swiftly.

Ideal applicants have the following
time and financial commitment:

You must be motivated (and committed) to invest 3-4 hours a month in private, solution-focused (and discovery-driven) sessions with Jodi, AND an adequate amount of time each month for implementing identified strategies to grow to your fullest potential.
You must be able to comfortably afford the program, which is priced according to your individual needs. Jodi consults with all applicants, individually, to determine the appropriate program design, and cost, based on client need.
You must recognize that this program is NOT a “quick-fix” for identifying and implementing solutions for personal growth and development, but is a relationship that is customized, and involves a dynamic process that will evolve as we go.

More than just a Blog

Your direct access to Jodi’s observations and insights from almost 20 years of studying
and guiding individuals through self-development.


Individuals who have indicated that Jodi’s advisory style is refreshingly unique, enormously impactful, and
has resulted in life-altering change, and growth, in business and personal development:

“I’ve seen multiple therapists over the last 10 years, but I’ve gotten more from the first month of coaching with Jodi than all 10 years combined. I’m very successful and confident in my work, but my marriage is falling apart – a lot because I don’t know how to balance work and family. Jodi cuts to the chase, which I really like. For the first time in a long time, I’m very hopeful about my future. I couldn’t even see past today when I first contacted her. I’m getting a total bargain for what I’m paying her!”

Jim F.

I made a career change recently, and I was totally stressed about it. I needed to have time for family AND work, and figuring out how to do both was overwhelming me. Jodi got straight to some thoughts and beliefs that I didn’t even know were causing me problems. I’m becoming more aware of how these beliefs have influenced me over the years and still do. Sometimes it’s not fun when Jodi calls me out on things (lol). She’s a butt-kicker, but I’ve come so far since she started working with me.”

Mason T.

“I’ve been working with Jodi for over a year now, and my friends thinks she has a magic wand! 

 Darren W..

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Jodi is limited in the number of direct consulting clients she can commit to supporting personally and therefore she is ONLY available for high quality  (and passionately motivated), individuals.

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