Because research says it will.

The American Psychological Association tells us that STRESS is linked to the 6 LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH.

You can’t reduce your stress on your own. If you could, you would have already done it. There are factors that influence you that you can’t see – you’re too close it.

For example, I’m a therapist and a coach, and I hone in on the hot spots of my clients like a guided missile finding its target. But I have to hire my own coaches to figure out my personal junk.

I work with high performers – individuals that are so driven to succeed that failure is not an option.

Well…. It’s a terrifying option…

…and they are all overwhelmed, not sleeping, and so consumed by stress they feeling like they are drowning or suffocating.

It’s because their body is experiencing the stress just like that.

This morning, during a consultation, a guy said to me, “I can’t tell the difference between feeling stressed and feeling sick.”

It’s because stress = sick.

If this is you…


I want to talk to you.

You really can’t afford to wait any longer. Your life literally depends on it.

Do you want to be the middle aged guy that has the heart attack? Have you had one already?

This is SERIOUS! I’m not playing around.

I’m not going to sell you anything.

That’s not what this about. I only want to talk to you.

I just looked at my calendar and, In the next week, I have exactly 5 openings on my calendar to speak to you. Grab one of them RIGHT NOW – before they are gone.

I don’t know how my calendar will look in a couple weeks.

This is my gift to you. No strings attached.

Let’s get you some clarity and direction in this FREE strategy session.

Maybe it’s your husband or your Dad… your brother… that is the one who is repeatedly pulling the trigger.

Send them this link to book their own chat with me before these appointments are gone.


Too many people are dying very young. STRESS is at epidemic levels.