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To hire a podcast producer for Season 4 of the podcast (airing in spring 2024).
To hire a video editor for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Reels, and TikTok

Your support will help me devote more time to sharing my insights and relationship tools with you!

I am also working on a book about neurodiverse relationships, as well as a companion workbook to my communication program, but my schedule is so tight that it’s hard to find time to get it all done!

So, thank you, in advance, for the “coffee!” For my literal thinkers out there, your “coffee funds” will actually go toward podcast and video editing funding.

I do actually really love coffee, though, so your donation might actually go toward helping me burn the midnight oil writing and creating videos.

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I have a tiny team who helps me with emails, scheduling, and web maintenance.

I currently do all of the video and podcast editing myself, and it takes HOURS of time that I’d rather be applying to more educational resources for you!

So, if you’ve benefited from my videos, podcasts, courses, and other resources, help me share more with a one-time donation or become a recurring sponsor!

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