Coaching and Support Groups

Feeling alone and isolated is hard – and that’s exactly what partners in neurodiverse relationships experience. You likely feel misunderstood and hopeless at times. Other family members and friends cannot relate to you and may minimize your distress.

Coaching groups are powerful because you’ll hear from others who seem to be telling your own story. Theirs will sound so familiar. You’ll see them nodding along when you share your own experiences.

Groups can also be more affordable than private coaching if you’re on a tight budget.

I offer various coaching groups at different times. Current coaching group opportunities are listed below.


Support Group - Mona Kay & Jodi Carlton
Navigating Decisions and Choices in Your Neurodiverse Relationship – for Neurodivergent and Neurotypical Partners

COST: $25 USD per group session

I am partnering with Mona Kay of the Neurodiverse Love podcast to host this support group which is for individual partners (not couples) who are facing difficult decisions and choices about the direction of their relationship.

Registration is first come, first serve each month. Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month.

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No current groups – check back regularly or make sure you have been added to my mailing list by completing the CONTACT FORM for updates about upcoming opportunities.

* All groups are on Zoom video. Confidentiality is strictly required!

Groups are an excellent resource for:

1. People who are wondering about neurodiverse traits/characteristics in a partner or themselves.

2. Individuals who need help determining the difference between neurodivergent traits/characteristics and toxic/abusive personalities.

3. People who are considering ending a relationship due to ongoing confusion, hurt, and conflict.

4. Partners and couples who want to understand how mixed neurotype (neurodiverse) differences impact their relationship and are seeking to improve their relationship and overall quality of life.