The SECOND question to ask yourself


Now that you have your ranking for question #1…

“How much does this impact my life?”

This is a VERY important second question because something can be very important to us, but if it’s really not impacting our life much at all….it’s probably not worth having a battle over it.

Now you have your rankings for the following questions:

#1: How important is this to me?

#2: How much is this impacting my life?

The ranking for these questions will give you a very good idea of how to proceed.

If you ranked your answer to EITHER of these questions, LOWER than a 5,
this is NOT a conversation to start.

It’s simply not worth the disagreement. Don’t waste your precious energy and time, or the energy and time of your partner, with 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s.

Your time and your quality of life is worth way more than having a fight that could ruin your day or week over something that is so lowly ranked.

If you ranked your answer to EITHER of these questions, HIGHER than a 7,
this is conversation that has to happen.

Topics that are nearing dealbreaker rankings must be addressed. A relationship cannot be connected, and cannot thrive when one partner is struggling with a high ranking issues or topics, or if one of you is experiencing a dealbreaker.

If you ranked your answer to EITHER or BOTH of these questions is BETWEEN 4 and 7,
it’s likely a worthwhile conversation to have with your partner.

The problem for most of you is that you do not have the skills to approach and talk with your partner in a way that you will be heard and your partner will engage willingly.