Relationship 2.0: Crack the Communication Code

Suggested Price: $175.00

Get instant access to the COMMUNICATION program that was designed to bridge the gap between partners who have different ways of thinking, feeling, and using language. Put an end to the painful misunderstandings and get CLARITY and CONNECTION in your relationship. In this ground-breaking program, I share with you my own personal strategies that I developed to help reduce the confusion in conflict in my relationships. I am neurotypical, but I have been in relationships with neurodivergent people my WHOLE life.


I didn't know it for the longest time in many of those relationships, and there was a lot of hurt, a lot of confusion, and a lot of misunderstanding.

That resulted in many of those relationships ending.  My training as a therapist had never prepared me to help myself in these relationships, and I felt at a loss in helping my clients as well.  So, I set out to figure out what was wrong – and HOW to FIX it!

I call this program "Crack the Communication Code" because that is truly what it meant to me in my own relationships.

Now, it is my great honor to help you decipher the mystery of your relationship and truly upgrade to a totally new way of communicating that actually connects!

  • 5 course modules
  • Over 4 hours of video training
  • Discover what most therapists will never teach you about how to communicate
  • Learn what you’re accidentally doing to cause an argument BEFORE you even say the first word
  • Identify why you’re stuck in a “rehashing cycle” that doesn’t resolve anything – and what to do instead that works.
  • Resolve years of pain caused by criticism and bridge new connections with your partner.
  • Implement specific tools to decrease misunderstandings and improve your relationship – and your life!