Stage 1 – Lesson: What We Bring To It

Let’s break down communication a little bit. I’m going to break these stages down even more as we go,

but briefly, those four stages of communication are:

  1. What we BRING to it.
  2. HOW we actually interact.
  3. Our interpreted MEANING of the exchange.
  4. The MEMORIES that we store.

Each one of these stages is actually very important.

Most of the communication models that are out there that are taught in the corporate world and even when you go in for therapy, are focused on Stage Two, how we interact. The rest of this is ignored, but it’s really important.

So let’s start with Stage One, what we bring to it. We’re going to spend a fair amount of time on this one because it is so important.

This is a stage that is most overlooked, and this is where conflict actually begins. It’s a very critical stage to examine.